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weddingCongratulations on your engagement! We'll be honoured to help you celebrate your special day. For general information on weddings at St. Paul’s Cathedral please contact our church office. If you would like to meet with a member of the clergy to talk about getting married at St. Paul’s you would be most welcome to make an appointment.

Couples are required to undertake a marriage preparation course prior to the wedding, and will be encouraged to attend some services at St. Paul’s so that a relationship between the church and the couple can be formed. At least one partner is required to have been baptized, but this should not stop a couple from making an initial enquiry. We would encourage you to make an appointment to come and meet with a member of the clergy and to see the church.

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baptismProbably the most important thing we do at St. Paul’s is to baptize! These are wonderful occasions which the whole congregation celebrates. If you are interested in the sacrament of Baptism for your child or for yourself, please contact our church office.

Baptism services are organized on special days throughout the Christian year; we will be able to let you know the next scheduled baptism service when you make your initial enquiry. Sponsors should be baptized adults of any Christian community. Sponsors are also given the responsibility to encourage the candidate in the Christian faith. Candidates and/or sponsors are required to undertake a Baptism preparation course which is centered around a couple of dinners and there you will be encouraged to attend some services at St. Paul’s so that a relationship between the church and the candidate/sponsors can be formed.

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confirmationWelcome to St. Paul’s Cathedral Confirmation program! Confirmation is an exciting step in our faith journey as Christians. It's a process of asking questions, delving deeper into scripture and worship and growing into a stronger relationship with God and our church. It's a time to consider what has come before, and what possibilities are ahead.

Confirmation is a sacrament, taking on the Baptismal Covenant as your own promise to God, and being welcomed as an adult member of the faith community. 
Classes which are run every two years are upbeat and interactive, involving lots of games and discussions. If you're interested in registering please contact our church office.

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funeralsSt. Paul’s is honoured to provide a funeral for your loved one. We are normally contacted by the funeral home, but you can reach us by contacting our church office so that a member of the clergy can arrange to meet with you personally for pastoral care and the planning of the service.

Our beautiful Cathedral holds a congregation of about 1000 people, but for smaller gatherings you might choose to have the service in the chancel or use our more intimate  St. Aidan’s Chapel, which comfortably seats 50. Our clergy will meet with you at your convenience to plan the ceremony, adapting it to your own preferences. If you'd like, our organist will provide music. He may also be able arrange for some members of the choir to be in attendance. In addition, our ACW would me most pleased to assist with the reception.  Smaller gatherings in The Guild Room and larger gatherings can be accommodated in Bishop Cronyn Hall.

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Holy Unction

This Sacrament of Healing and Laying on of Hands is offered in St. Aidan's chapel at the 10:00 a.m. Eucharist during communion time.  A great part of Christ's ministry involved the healing of the sick.  He commanded this ministry continue in and through his Church. 

Anointing with oil (Unction) and / or the Laying on of Hands is offered in also offered in hospital or at home upon request. 
Please contact any one of the Clergy Team or the Church Office.

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Reconciliation of a Penitent

The ministry of reconciliation, committed by Christ to his Church, is exercised through the care of Christians for each other, through the common prayer of Christians assembled for public worship, and through the priesthood of the Church in its ministers declaring absolution.

The Reconciliation of a Penetent is available for all who desire it.  It is not restricted to a time of sickness.  Confessions may be made at any time and in any suitable place.  Please contact one of the priests in the Cathedral or arrange for an appointment through the Church office.

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