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Posted on September 9th, 2017 by Stacey Clark Categorized In: Announcements
The Sundays @ 9 group will be exploring a six week series on the role of the Church, "Called to Community", starting September 10th.

What is the Church’s role in the lives of individuals and families who no longer turn to it as the center of their social and family structure? What is the Church’s role in a world that increasingly sees it as irrelevant or even antithetical to human progress? What is the Church’s role in the lives of the people who continue to turn to it as a source of strength, inspiration, solace, and connection with God? What is the Church’s role in the lives of the people who have never walked through one of our doors and of those who have sworn they never will again?

In the midst of radical shifts in our society and within Christianity itself, it is clearly time to revisit the question “What is the role of the Church?” 

Sundays @ 9 is a discussion-based, community-focused, and theologically-informed educational time. All are welcome. Coffee and childcare are provided.
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