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“Alongsiders” evolved originally under the umbrella of the AnglicanFellowship of Prayer.  St. Paul’s Alongsiders was formed in September, 2001, and twenty members contribute, not only to their parish in daily prayer, but to the vast areas of need around the world.  By so doing, they come “alongside” their parish in daily prayer, thus offering a powerful source of support for local congregations and churches.

Every month, each alongsider receives a prayer calendar with suggestions or requests for prayer each day, as well as a bible reading for the day.  Alongsiders are encouraged to pray for the clergy, the sick and those caring for them, those preparing for baptism and confirmation, Sunday school children and their teachers, the choir, those being married, along with any other parish needs as well as the world at large.

Lord teach us to pray, Luke 11:1

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Altar Guild

The Altar Guild looks after all things pertaining to the Sanctuary in the Church and in St. Aiden's Chapel.  They are responsible for set up for all of the services on Sundays and mid-week, for weddings, funerals, ordinations, enthronements and all other special events held in the Cathedral.  The Altar Guild also looks after all the linens and frontals used at each altar as well as the flowers and ordering and taking care of all the candles.  They make sure the display case and remembrance table are always clean and up to date.
The  Altar Guild also decorates the church for Easter, St. Francis, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
For further information please contact any member of the Clergy Team.

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Anglican Church Women

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul has record of women's organizations dating to 1886. Some of these groups and possibly others were certainly in existence before this, but there are no surviving records. Many have long since ceased to exist but would have been included in ACW had this organization then been a reality.

The organization, Anglican Church Women (ACW) is comprised of all the women in the Anglican Church. Anglican Church Women endeavour to reach an awareness of their part in Christ's mission, through fellowship based on worship, learning and sharing. Membership in the ACW is an automatic right. If you are an Anglican church woman, you automatically belong to the ACW in your parish. Membership is free! To participate you simply attend a regular meeting of your parish ACW.

Here at St. Paul's there are two meeting monthly on the same day: the second Monday of each month. There is a meeting of the Afternoon ACW at 1:30pm in the Guild Room, and at 7:30pm that same day the Evening Women's Group meet in the Guild Room.

The ACW sponsor many events in the Church year. Marmalade making, Thrift Sales, Lenten lunches, Fashion Shows and Christmas Bazaars are just a few of the things in which the ACW is involved. Any funds raised during the course of the year are donated to worthwhile causes at the end of the year.

For more information, please contact Jean Nurse, President of St. Paul's ACW, through the Church Office.

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Christian Education Committee

The purpose of the Christian Education Committee (CEC) at St. Paul’s Cathedral is to lead in the planning and developing of programs to explore and promote Christian growth for people of all ages.  Faith is shaped and nurtured in the context of community.  Faith is more than education and entertainment; it is the greatest spiritual endeavour.  The whole family needs to be encouraged in its journey of faith so the Committee supports programs to promote Christian growth for youth, families, and adults in the wider community.  Activities to promote Christian educational opportunities include, but not limited to, bible study, speakers, workshops on Anglican traditions and religions of the world, Lenten and Advent series, Divorce Care, Knitting for Peace, etc.   We also welcome and encourage suggestions for educational experiences – please feel free to email your suggestions to    

For further information, or if you wish to join this group, please contact the Chair, John Sproule.

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Evening Women's Group

The Evening Women's Group meets monthly from September to June on the Second Monday of the month, in the Guild Room or Assembly Room.  We are mainly a social group and all women of the Parish are welcome to attend.  Our main contribution to the Parish is the organization and decoration for the bazaar.  Other activities include hosting Coffee Hour after the 11 a.m. service.  Our activity year begins in September with a Pot Luck Supper and planning for the season's activities.  Examples of other meeting topics are movie nights, book discussions, and guest speakers.  Upcoming events are published in the weekly bulletin for details and time. 

For further information please contact Gayle Anderson through the Church Office.

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Lets Invite God Here Together
Many hands make LIGHT work
Let your light so shine before others that they see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

The Ministry Team consists of a group of parishioners whose ministry focuses on how the Cathedral welcomes the stranger into our midst. They suggest ways that we as a parish community can include newcomers and visitors in the spirit of Christ's love and friendship. They help the members of the Cathedral think about effective communication vehicles of our parish life to those who are new - for example, brochures which tell the story of who we are as people of God, or special programs designed for newcomers to get acquainted with parishioners and/or our ministries.

Team members remind us of what it was like to be a new person or a new family at the Cathedral. They share what being a friend to a newcomer needs to be. They help determine what makes a newcomer feel most at ease and how we can assist a newcomer in getting integrated into the life of our parish without being overwhelmed. They help us to remember to introduce ourselves to those we don't know and to invite new persons to join us for our coffee hour.

They emphasize how important it is for us all to listen to the newcomer and for each of us to focus on simply being a friend to the new person(s) in our midst.

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Parish Council

The Parish Council represents the congregation in the daily affairs of the church. The Council of St. Paul's Cathedral operates to enable the clergy and the laity to work together, to spread the Gospel, to minister to each other and the community, and to meet its obligation to the Diocese of Huron and the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Parish Council helps St. Paul's Cathedral Carry out its mission in downtown London.

The standards of the Anglican Church are upheld, at the same time, the Parish is allowed to change and grow in accordance with the developing life of the congregation and to suit the changing conditions and needs of the local community.

The main objectives and duties of the Parish Council are as follows:

  • To maintain the financial well-being of the cathedral. The Wardens and Parish Council members study the monthly spreadsheets to determine if the established targets are being met.
  • Parish records are kept in a safe and adequate manner.
  • Parish properties are cared for. This property must be adequately protected and insured. Safety and the well-being of the clergy, staff, and the congregation is of prime importance.
  • Lay organizations work to utilize the talents of as many people as is possible.
  • Newcomers and visitors are welcomed and encouraged to join in the life of the Parish.

For more information, please contact one of the wardens through the Church Office.

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Readers and lectors are ministers serving the liturgical assembly in the Proclamation of the Word. They are not simply functionaries that pronounce words aloud, but true ministers called from among our faith community to proclaim the scriptural word of God in worship.

The word of God, as proclaimed in sacred scripture, lies at the heart of Christian life and is integral to all our liturgical celebrations. The scriptures declare God's saving acts, reveal the pattern of God's grace, and announce God's covenant with the church and the world. The Proclamation of the Word is a dialogue between God and God's People in which the church is shaped its identity and mission in Jesus Christ through Scripture, preaching, praise and prayer.

Duties of readers and lectors include:

  • Readers / Lectors proclaim assigned readings during Sunday Eucharist and at other liturgies of our Cathedral.
  • A Lector will usually be schedule once or twice during a liturgical cycle. The Readers / Lectors are expected to prepare for his/her upcoming reading over the week before she/he is scheduled.
  • Since Readers / Lectors play a leadership role in public worship, those assigned for a given Liturgy should show up fifteen minutes before the Service is to begin and ensure their Lectionary book is appropriately marked and their final preparations are made including touching base with the Clergy team to see if there are any changes and to let them know that you have arrived.
  • If unable to serve on an assigned Sunday, it is the Readers / Lectors responsibility to find a substitute, ensure she/he received a copy of the reading, and notify the Church Office of the substitution.

The benefits of being a reader or lector are tremendous. As a reader or lector you will benefit from a deepening appreciation of both the Bible and the Liturgy, and enjoy satisfaction in helping fellow parishioners recognize God's grace in their lives and grow in the life of faith. Furthermore, through your study, prayer, skills and faith, you will serve the assembly by "breaking open" the word for us.

Gifts Needed

  • Since the proclamation of Scripture is essential to the faith and mission of the church, a commitment to Jesus Christ, openness to God's Spirit, love of Scripture and regular participation in the Cathedral's public worship are important to the exercise of this ministry.
  • Since the word of God should be proclaimed with clarity and meaning, Readers / Lectors are chosen who have good diction, are willing to spend time preparing the readings and developing their skills, and are prompt and committed to their assignments.

Anyone intersted in becoming a reader, please contact the Church Office.

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The Altar Servers recite this prayer before each service:

"Grant, we beseech Thee, Almighty God, to us thy servants the spirit of holy
fear, that we, following the example of thy chosen servant Aaron, may
faithfully minister before Thee in thy sanctuary, through Jesus Christ, thy
son our Lord who with Thee and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth ever one
God, world without end. Amen."

One of the greatest privileges is to serve at the altar.  That act alone has had an influence on countless lives, and to have the privilege of assisting at the Holy Eucharist as well as at Diocesan events, weddings, funerals and other special services is truly a rewarding experience. Altar Servers are chosen from among the faithful who display a desire to serve our Lord in a more intimate way. It is an extreme privilege to kneel so close to the altar.  Accordingly, the Gospel Server, Epistle Server, Crucifer, and Acolyte have a solemn responsibility to do the assigned duties with attention, dignity and reverence. The primary role of the Altar Server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. This is done through specific actions and by setting an example to the congregation by active participation in the liturgy. Training is provided and the schedule is flexible to meet your own personal schedule.

If you would like to become a member of the Altar Servers please make your desires know to: The Reverend Deacon Pat Henderson Chaplain to the Altar Servers.

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Social Club


All members of St. Paul's are automatically members of the Social Club and are most welcome to join in on all of our events.  These include Pot Luck dinners followed by a speaker, Theatre nights, golf tournament, movie nights, and much more.

For further information please contact the Reverend Deacon Pat Henderson.

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Welcoming Ministry

Members of the St. Paul's Cathedral Welcoming Ministry (Greeters and Hosts) are often the first official representative of Jesus Christ seen by people entering God's house. The attitude which the Greeters and Hosts communicate to members and visitors helps set the spiritual tone for everything else which is to happen.

As an official representative of the church and of Jesus Christ, we have an enormous opportunity to help prepare people's hearts for learning, worshipping, and evangelism.

Priests and Choir members minister to people in groups; however, Greeters and Hosts minister to people as individuals.

Seekers are visiting for a reason. If you listen, you will hear stories relating how visitors felt the "urge" to come or had just experienced a critical event in their lives. No matter how hidden it might seem, we believe that the hand of God is always present when individuals are seeking a religious community.

A Spirit-directed word of encouragement, reassurance, or kindness may be the most significant ministry some people receive in their entire church experience and we are thankful to be a part of the welcoming ministry here at St. Paul's Cathedral.

For more information about the Welcoming Ministry, please contact Melissa Broadfoot, Co-ordinator.

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