St. Paul's Cathedral

Litany of Reconciliation

March 18th, 2020 at on the front steps of St. Paul's Cathedral from 12:00 pm to 12:15 pm

Coventry Cathedral is one of the world’s oldest religious-based centres for reconciliation. Following the destruction of the Cathedral in 1940, Provost Howard made a commitment not to revenge, but to forgiveness and reconciliation with those responsible. 

Using a national radio broadcast from the cathedral ruins on Christmas Day 1940 he declared that when the war was over he would work with those who had been enemies “to build a kinder, more Christ-child-like world.”  It was this moral and prophetic vision which led to Coventry Cathedral’s development as a world Centre for Reconciliation, which over the years has provided inspiration and support to many Christians addressing ongoing conflict in contemporary society.

A major part of this ministry was the establishment of the Community of the Cross of Nails, which today is an international network of over 200 active Partners in more than 40 countries committed to a shared ministry of reconciliation. 

As we look to partner with Coventry Cathedral in this ministry of reconciliation, we will begin offering the Litany of reconciliation on a weekly basis, gathering on our Cathedral steps every Wednesday @ 12 noon. 

We invite you to join us as we begin this new partnership, bringing Christ’s reconciling love to the world around us.

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