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 The church of St John the Evangelist is hosting a Security and Safety Information Evening. Cathy Fountain and Paulo Domingues, from London Police Service, will address and explore your questions and concerns regarding personal safety and building security. Cathy has been doing presentations like this with and for various groups, businesses, churches and organizations for 31 years.

Cathy and Paulo will discuss best practices when dealing with disadvantaged, stressed or unstable persons - important for all church employees and volunteers, and especially for those working in meal programs and with the homeless. They will cover anger management, confrontation, and de-escalation techniques and alternate thought processes and responses. 

Included will be building security issues and methods for deterring graffiti, vandalism, arson, break-in, and theft, and when and who to call in particular situations. Resource handouts will be provided by Helen Booth of the diocese, and a summary of the evening's proceedings will also be available at a later date. 

Cathy and Paulo operate in a more informal question and answer format. They prefer questions and concerns be submitted ahead of time prior to the event, but there will also be ample time for queries that arise during the course of the evening. The discussion will be wide ranging including such things as school or home safety concerns, so the field of topics need not be church specific.   

Coffee, tea, light snacks and desserts will be supplied, so be prepared to have a pleasant, informative and sociable evening. “Apply your mind to instruction and your ear to words of knowledge.” -  Proverbs 23:12

  • When:    January 23, 2023, 7pm
  • Where:   Church of St John the Evangelist, 280 St James St, London;
  • Why:   A little knowledge displaces a lot of anxiety.
  • Now What:  Helps us prepare.