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We are really excited about our new directory, as we have not had one done since 2014 and is out of date.

And with the impending arrival of a new Dean of Huron and Rector of St. Paul's Cathedral, you can appreciate that the directory will be helpful for that person to be able to get to know all of YOU quickly and for that matter for you to get to recognize some of our newer members. So please take the time to get your photo taken and in return you will receive a FREE copy of the directory and an opportunity to purchase additional photos for your family and friends if you choose.

We are now taking appointments for September 18, 19th.  

Sittings will start at 8:30am each day and end at 4:30pm. Please schedule your photo appointment immediately after Sunday's service, with Deacon Pat Henderson in Cronyn Hall or Bette Ferguson at the Great West Doors.