Holy Vigil

As a charitable organization, St. Paul’s mission is to be a loving family, embracing all people and eagerly helping those in need by sharing ourselves and our resources. We seek to express our joy and faith through meaningful worship and Christian outreach, and use our Cathedral building creatively to fulfill our mission.  The congregation at St. Paul’s is a welcoming family, a living community which demonstrates its faith through loving service.  The Cathedral is also a place to celebrate life events, be yourself, share your talents, make a difference, honour tradition, make new connections and receive spiritual support.

Everyone is welcome at St. Paul’s.  Those seeking peace, beauty, a connection to the past, a sense of belonging or a listening ear are welcome to visit or be a part of the community, as is anyone who is seeking a deeper faith experience.  While traditions vary, people of faith can always find something in common in their love of God, and can express this through their sense of community, commitment to service or generosity of spirit.  Differences of experience and expression are to be cherished, and the Cathedral’s doors are always open to new friendships.  This place of worship, fellowship and shared history must remain open to all.

In 1846, when the oldest existing part of St. Paul’s was officially opened (the portion with the current damaged trusses), the London newspaper of the day, The Times, wrote:

May it stand long uninjured by time and unscathed by casualties,
to be a house of prayer, and a place of spiritual blessings
to generations yet unborn.

Your donation to help save the Cathedral will enable The Times’ 170-year-old prayer to be fulfilled.