I have a favourite story that comes out of the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War Two. There was a battleship whose forward watch spotted a light that appeared to be heading straight for the battleship.  A radio message was sent saying, "Unidentified ship: you are on a collision course. Change direction 10 degrees starboard."  The reply came back: "No. You need to change direction."  The battleship again sent a message saying, "This is a United States warship. Change direction 10 degrees starboard."  And once again the reply came back, "No."  The admiral was awakened and notified and the battleship sent yet another message again repeating, "This is a warship on official maneuvers. You are ordered to change direction. Signed, Admiral Peacock."  A moment passed and the reply came back, "No. Signed Seaman Smith, Tender of the Lighthouse."

We find ourselves in the holy season of Advent and the start of a new church year.  Advent, as the season in which we prepare to celebrate anew the birth of our Lord and Saviour, invites us into a time of waiting.  Unlike the frantic busyness of the secular and commercial world where we are enticed to fit as much in as we possibly can, Advent is about a different kind of preparation.  In the gospel reading assigned for the First Sunday of Advent, Jesus is instructing the disciples to watch, to be ready, to recognize the signs that will inaugurate anew the Reign of Christ and the Kingdom of God in our midst.  It is a reminder to us that from time to time, we may, like the Admiral of that battleship, need to alter our course if we are to avoid disaster.  It is a reminder to us that our hope is not found in gifts given or received, not in gatherings, concerts or decorations… lovely as these all are.  Our hope is in the One who will come again, “with power and great glory”, the One who came that we would have life, and have it abundantly… Let us journey through this time of anticipation and waiting and give thanks for the Hope that is ours, in Christ Jesus.

If this is your first visit, it is a joy to welcome you to our Cathedral web site. Perhaps you are looking to find the presence of God in your own life journey, a search that in the midst of the noise and confusion of our age, can at times seem overwhelming. Maybe we can be of some assistance. Contained within this site are examples of the ministry that we share as the cathedral church of St. Paul’s. We enjoy a wonderful mix of young and old, those who are new to the faith, as well as those who are mature Christians. In the midst of a wonderful blend of personalities comes the blessing of a variety of gifts and ministries. May the information you find here encourage you in your own faith journey. We invite you to come and make your spiritual home with us at St. Paul’s, but pray that wherever you are, you will find a Christian community where you can deepen your faith and explore what it is that God is calling you to.  Wherever you are, your prayers for the ministry of the people of St. Paul’s Cathedral are appreciated, and know that you will be in ours.   

We are thankful for the people of St. Paul’s, who offer their gifts for the ministry of the church as we seek to live out the commission that our Lord gave to us all, and we are thankful that you have visited us here… we wish you every blessing as you continue your journey in faith.