People Outside west Doors - Save the CathedralAll parishioners and friends of St. Paul’s should know the facts regarding the urgently required repairs to the Cathedral’s roof, and so the Project Jericho Leadership Team was assembled and answered this list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Having this information in mind will also be helpful for when friends, family members and neighbours ask questions about the repairs.  If you have any questions that are not answered below, please forward them to   Dean Paul via email or phone 519-434-3225.  

What is Project Jericho?
Project Jericho was a fundraising campaign established to address water infiltration issues, structural problems in the nave of St. Paul’s and restoration of the interior of the Cathedral.

What is involved in the repairs to the trusses?
All 5 of the Nave trusses had to have two of their joints reinforced, along with 5 truss-ends that had rotted.  The two transept trusses may also needed repairs.

When do we have to pay the bills?
30 days after receiving the invoices.

What if we don’t raise the money needed in time to pay the bills?
If bills are due they must be paid. This will was done by drawing on investments if necessary.  This is far from ideal, and these funds must be reimbursed.

How did the temporary shores help?
If one of the truss ends were to have slipped off the wall due to the outward pressure, the shore would have “caught” the truss so it didn't fall. The shores helped to bear the weight of the roof but they were not compensating for the outward force that resulted from weakened truss joints.

How did we protect the artefacts and the organ during repairs?
As best we could!  Items that were not built in were put away, remaining items were covered.

How and when did we repair the floors?
The floors were repaired immediately after the trusses were stabilized and the temporary shores were removed. 

When will we repair the walls?
The bricks, wood and plaster have to dry out before repairs and restoration work on the interior walls can be undertaken.

Did any of this work affect our heritage designation?
No, the work that is was undertaken was carried out in such a way that it did not affect the Cathedral’s heritage designation.  Heritage designations are based mainly on the external structure of a building.  Any repairs to the church were in keeping with the current aesthetic and the steel being used to reinforce the trusses blends into the bottom chord.

Was there a lot of dust and dirt in the Cathedral while the work was going on?
There was a lot of dust, which accumulated on the pews, kneelers, floors, etc over the course of the work.  A professional cleaning crew was hired to clean every corner of the Cathedral once the work was finished, the floors repaired and the pews replaced.

How long did the repairs take?
It took about six months to complete the structural repairs to the trusses.  The repair and restoration of the Cathedral interior will be carried out as funds are secured and once the interior has dried out sufficiently, likely not until 2018.

How did St. Paul’s parishioners and friends of the Cathedral keep up to date regarding the progress of repairs and fundraising?
Announcements were made during services, Updates were included in service bulletins, news was posted on bulletin boards, updates were added to the St. Paul’s Website, Facebook page ( and Twitter feed (#CathedralSave), and a Project Jericho Newsletter was circulated.

Who was on the Project Jericho leadership team (PJLT)?
Bishop Barry Clarke (Aug 2015-May 2017), Melissa Broadfoot, Stacey Clark, Rev. Rosalyn Elm, David Greenslade, Chris Hughesman, Sarah Kim (May-July 2016), Jenny McDonald, Vaughan Radcliffe (May 2016-March 2017), Ken Roberts, John Sproule, Martha Stratford. 

Was the Cathedral eligible for funding from charitable organizations?
The PJLT has been and will be applying to a number of charities for assistance.  However, many charities will not give funds to religious organizations to maintain space that is used primarily for worship, or for capital projects.

Why can’t we hold raffles or lotteries as fundraising activities?
Diocesan Policy as of July 2003:  “It has been the stated policy of successive Bishops of Huron, supported by resolutions of Synod or Diocesan Council, to discourage the use of raffles, or any other forms of gambling, as a means of fund-raising within parishes.”

How can I help?
You can help in many ways, as you’re able:

  • Make a donation
  • Volunteer to help at fundraising events
  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues about your love for St. Paul’s and invite them to be a part of this historic place, and this important project.
  • Write a Testimonial about what St. Paul’s means to you (for possible publication)

How do I make a donation?

  • Mail a cheque to St. Paul’s Cathedral,  472 Richmond St., London, ON, N6A 3E6 Canada
  • Phone St. Paul’s and make a donation via credit card (519-434-3225)