Knitting for Peace, First BlanketHere at St. Paul’s we are committed to making a difference in people’s lives.  Helping others in our neighbourhood is the best way for us to stretch beyond our personal needs and wants, both as individuals and as a church.

We choose to focus our concern on the health and wellbeing of others such as through St. Paul’s Social Services (SPSS).  The SPSS’s Food Bank and Fellowship Centre have been serving and sustaining an average of 2,500 citizens monthly since the early 1980s.  Other outreach programmes at St. Paul’s have been assisting London’s most vulnerable since its inception, such as the Core Area Project, which was founded in 1963 “out of a concern for the distressed” of the city.

Since 2012 our Knitting for Peace group has provided Londoners with over 5,000 hand-knitted items, providing physical warmth and emotional encouragement. For the past five years St. Paul’s has welcomed Londoners who seek the mentorship and fellowship offered by several 12-step support groups. St. Paul’s ran the Brio Music programme from 2011-2016, teaching music and providing healthy after-school snacks free of charge to children from London’s disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Our doors are open to the community for day-time rest and reflection, and the park offers respite in the midst of busy downtown London.

In order to continue to serve Londoners the St. Paul’s family called upon our neighbours and the wider community for assistance with essential repairs to the Cathedral roof, and they have responded.  Thank you!