Communion SetIf you are hard of hearing, assisted listening devices are available from the greeters. 

There is an accessible washroom with a baby changing table at the back of the church.

All of the pews have hymn books, bibles and service books; however, the bulletin will provide you with everything you need to know throughout the service.  

Also in the pews are envelopes for you to use if you want to make a contribution during the offering.  If you fill out your name and address, a charitable receipt will be mailed to you.  Please know you are not obliged to make a donation.  

Along with the envelope is a form you can fill out if you want a member of the Clergy to contact you privately. You can put it on the offering plate when it comes by, or hand it to one of the greeters after the service.

During the service you are welcome to stand, sit or kneel to pray – whatever feels comfortable to you.  When it comes time for the reading of the Gospel, there will be a procession part-way down the centre aisle of the Cathedral.  Everyone remains standing as they are able, and turns toward the reader to listen.

At Holy Communion services, just before the offering is “the Peace.”  

Currently, every Sunday morning service includes Holy Communion.  At St. Paul's, all who have been baptized are welcome to receive both the bread and the wine.  Depending on the Sunday, Communion is served at both the High Altar and side Altars.  The choice is yours.  If kneeling is painful for you, you are welcome to stand to take Communion.  If stairs are difficult, you may take Communion at the side Altar rather than the High Altar at the front.

As you stand or kneel at the Altar rail, please extend your hands to receive the bread.  If you have a wheat or gluten sensitivity, Gluten-Free hosts are available.  Please notify the Priest of your allergy by saying “Gluten-Free” – they will hand you a gluten-free host that has been sealed in a small bag.  It is left to you to open the bag, to ensure that the host is not contaminated.  You are not obliged to take the wine as well - the Eucharist is complete even if you only consume one of the two elements, either the bread or the wine. 

If you do not wish to receive communion, you are invited to come forward to receive a blessing instead. If this is your wish, fold your hands over your chest when you come to kneel or stand at the altar rail.  The Priest will place their hand on your head as they say a blessing, and may make the sign of the cross on your forehead.

After receiving Communion at the High Altar, you can return to your seat by way of the hall to the left of the Altar rail.

During the Communion, another Priest can be found in St. Aidan’s chapel, which is off the hallway leading to the back entrance, on the North side of the church.  The Priest can offer up special prayers for healing or a particular concern, at your request.  They will place their hand on your head or shoulder as they pray with you.

There is a coffee hour after both the 8:00am and 10:00am services.  This usually takes place in Cronyn Hall – to get there, please exit the church by the door in the North-East corner (near the pulpit at the front, left), proceed past St. Aidan’s chapel, then turn left and go down the hall.  Please plan to stay for a visit and a cup of coffee.