St. Paul's Cathedral from Cricket Square - circa 1860  Photograph # 32104027706961, photographer unknown Ivey Family London Room - London Public Library London, Ontario, CanadaOne of London’s most prominent heritage buildings required urgent repair to keep the roof overhead and protect irreplaceable historic items and works of art.

The ends of some trusses, which provide the structural integrity for the Cathedral roof, had rotted. This damage meant that those trusses might have failed, which would have caused the roof to collapse. Over time the trusses themselves had weakened and this caused outward force against the Cathedral walls, which, also damaged by water, could have resulted in their collapse. 

We can accomplish more together than we ever can alone in helping shape our church’s—and community’s—future.  St. Paul’s Cathedral is honoured to be a resource and support for the citizens of London.  We aim to be good neighbours and continue to reach out to our community in numerous and diverse ways, facilitated by the fact that we are uniquely situated in the centre of the city.

In order to continue to serve Londoners and to preserve the significant historic, military and artistic treasures that St. Paul’s holds in trust for its citizens, the Cathedral family called upon our neighbours and the wider community for assistance with the great challenge of fundraising for this significant structural repair.

The structural work was completed in May of 2017; however, there are still significant bills to be paid for the work completed to date. And, restoration work to the interior of the Cathedral is pending adequate funds.